Clan Wars: Selecting which Enemy War Base to Attack

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Clan Wars: Selecting which Enemy War Base to Attack

Post by boet on Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:56 pm

Rules of thumbs:

  • When the war STARTS .... .... slow.... down.... it's not a race, don't rush, take your time, discuss your strategy and who you're attacking, make sure you've scouted and customized your army before attacking
  • On the enemy war map you get a "Recommended" target - DO NOT GO HIGHER than this on the list, hit your recommended or lower - but not too low.
  • If an enemy already has 2+ STARS - DON'T ATTACK THIS ENEMY AGAIN, find a new enemy that hasn't been attacked yet, or has only been 1-starred (the exception is in the last couple of hours of the war when maybe everyone realistic for you to attack has already been 2 starred)

What else?  Feel free to contribute to how you select your enemy war base to attack ^.^

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